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Dear ZENA DC generating product owner,

We believe that we make the best compact DC generating system components in the world. Products which, perform so well, and with such efficiency, that we believe that it is unlikely to ever become technologically obsolete.

Therefore, we don't plan to sell you a "new and improved" version next year. We build our DC generating products to last and to work hard. And, we want your new ZENA DC generating system component to be the last of its type that you have to purchase.

Our half-price flat-rate rebuilding policy is designed to protect your long term investment in us and in our technology. Unlike an extended warranty, it cost's you nothing up-front. Yet it serves to protect you from product obsolescence and insures that you can economically maintain your DC generating system in tip top condition regardless of its age, and without concern as to the reason for its need for repair.

To put is another way, even if your pet elephant steps on your DC generating system component, or if your dog eats it, you're protected!

It's simple, we will completely rebuild (or replace) any DC generating system component that we manufacture (including the power generator), anytime, for one-half the then current direct-sale price of a brand new unit plus postage!

Thank you for your support.


Anthony M. Blazina, President
ZENA, Incorporated

© Copyright 1999, 2000 by ZENA, Incorporated. All rights reserved.

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