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What is the benefit of ZENA's high frequency DC to a weldor? Is it some sort of square wave?

Our proprietary method of welding enhancement, which we often refer to as high frequency DC (or HFDC) (protected by US patent, other US & foreign patents pending) is based on controlled variations in the wave form and very high speed variations in current flow rather than a system of intermittent DC current flow (i.e., a square wave which can increase weld impurities and result in other electrical effects which are undesirable).

Some of the effects of HFDC:

Bottom line is that we produce an improved welding current, coupled with the ability of the operator to instantaneously control/adjust welding current while working (the operator is still a key element in the process) to yield an excellent weld with deep penetration and few impurities -- even in a remote area or in poor conditions.


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