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I have speed boat with a 70 amp alternator. I've added a large stereo system to the boat. Which ZENA alternator should I install?

The simple answer is to install the largest alterator which you can fit to your boat. The typical large stereo system can use a huge amount of power. Further if you need a lot of power at lower engine speeds, you will need a much larger alterantor than would be used for a boat that sees almost constant use at high speed.

However, whichever model that you choose be aware that the only alternator which is certified to use on your gas fueled speed boat is the model that came with the boat.

Using a high amp alternator may cause you problems with your insurer -- unless you get their OK for a charging/electrical system modification. For gasoline fueled engines, only the specific alternator supplied by your engine manufacturer for your boat/engine is certified for your boat -- and, for various reasons, they don't certify alternators that produce much over 70A for use on gas engines. So using/installing a larger alternator will be a "at your own risk" sort of situation -- perfectly safe if done right -- but it's the risk of a bad installation that keeps manufacturers from using big alternators on gas fueled boats.

With this said, given the size of a typical inverter and large battery bank, our most popular replacment units for your stock alternator would be our SR200 Series 200 amp model or our SR250 Series 250 amp model -- OR, an even better option for many applications is the installation of a 150 or 200 amp unit that will operate in addition to your existing alternator -- dedicated specifically to your "house" electrical system.

Whichever model you choose, remember that ALL ZENA alternators are built, without compromise, from the ground up to handle continous duty use.

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