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I want an alternator for my boat. Is the SR150 what I need? Do I need any accessories?

The SR50 is our smallest alternator -- a 150 amp, 100% duty alternator -- and it probably the most often used model that we make for marine applications.

However, it may not be the best model for your application.

Typically in boats, particularly sail boats engine speeds are typically slow. So, without a lot of modification to the engine, the alternator may turn slower than necessary to produce full power. For example, a 200 amp alternator may perform as a 150 amp model. Further in many vessels, the battery bank may be very large and when significantly discharged, may require a larger alternator to achieve satisfactory charge times.

In many cases installing a second alternator dedicated to the vessel's "house" bank and leaving the stock alternator in place to handle charging a starting battery may provide an even better solution.

Call us, and we will be happy to discuss your particular options is detail.

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