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What do I need to use my ZENA® alternator?

All ZENA® alternators are designed to use an external voltage regulator.

By adding a suitable external voltage regulator, and a few other electrical parts, you can use your ZENA® power generator/alternator as a fully regulated, electrically isolated high current battery charger/DC power supply.

You can use a ZENA external regulator controls or your can use a high quality regulator made by another company. I using another company's regulator make sure that you get a model that can handle 10 amps of rotor current and if you will be charging a battery bank or battery array with an ampere hour rating that is equal to or more than the maximum amp output of the alternator that you will be using your external regulator should have a means of measuring alternator operating temperature and reducing charging output should alternator case temperature exceed 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

Feel free to call our Customer Service department -- or e-mail -- to discuss your particular application.

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