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How can your ZENA® alternators work as well as people say that they do?
Do you expect me to believe that a tiny ZENA alternator can put out as much power as you say?
Why haven't I heard about your alternators?
Will they last?
How can your product be so inexpensive -- and yet out perform alternators costing much more?

Over and over (and over!), we get questions that, one way or another, evidence skepticism about basic product performance or reliability. These questions come from prospective customers, the press, and just about everyone that hears about our products.

General skepticism about such a product and its performance and reliability is quite natural. However, dealing with such questions can be very frustrating -- particularly so when such skepticism, to some degree, is simply based on the fact that a product does not conform to the size, weight, or "look" of established products. For example, "it looks too small to produce that much power", or "it's not heavy enough" are comments that we hear quite often.

Using the same sort of logic people have "proven" conclusively that revolutionary products like transistors, personal computers, memory chips, CD-ROM's, DVD technology, television, airplanes, automobiles, the Internet, light bulbs, mobile phones, space travel, solar power, etc. could not possibly work. But, of course, we all know that such things do exist, that they do work, and that inevitable improvements will continue to make them smaller, faster, more efficient, and more reliable (or, sometimes, even obsolete).

For example, in the welding field, before the introduction of our light weight modular power generators, and our unique electronic controls, engine driven welder technology had remained constant for over 70 years. In fact, until quite recently, the same could be said for the power generating systems used in shop type welders. However, recent improvements in generating technology, such as ultra light weight inverter based power generators, are now being accepted as viable (and more reliable) replacements for old, turn of the century transformer based generating technology.

Our alternators regulators, and other DC power generating components benefit greatly from our uniue welding products.

Our modular welders are a leap forward in engine driven welder technology. Our alternators are also a significant advance over similar products.

No smoke, no mirrors, no B.S. -- just the application of real scientific principles -- lots of hard work -- AND new ideas that were focused by input from real people.

Our DC generating systems look different because they are different. They are not simply the result of tiny, evolutionary improvements to existing products, or technologies. Our incredible product performance is the result of innovation and independent scientific development -- designing from "scratch" -- rejecting and questioning old methods and technologies, rather than assuming that existing methods must provide the only "correct" way to accomplish a given task.

Therefore, the simple (short) answer to all of these questions about our DC power generating components is the same as for our welding equipment -- they're for real!

They do exactly what we say they do.

NO performance claim or specification is overstated.

Rather, the opposite is the case. In fact, we often tone down and/or limit our descriptions of product performance out of fear that we will simply not be believed!

The result of our very successful efforts is a family of DC generating components (including alternators) that are:


simple in design,

easy to use,

safe to operate,

easy to service,

more reliable -- even in the harshest environmental conditions (look at our warranty),

more efficient than previous technology, and

offer superior performance.

ZENA DC generating components can be manufactured at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality or reliability in any way.

It would be wonderful if we had demonstration locations and/or retail outlets close to every prospective customer. But, sadly, it takes many years, and an incredible investment, to set up such a widespread demonstration system. So, at this time, it's just not possible to let every prospective customer try the product before they buy it.

However, it IS possible to assure customers who are not able to see and try our equipment in advance, that our performance claims are completely truthful and guarantee that they will be completely satisfied, in every way with their purchase. We do this by offering a money back guarantee of satisfaction to all customers who buy products directly from us.

Customer reports are another way to help prospective buyers find out about new products.

Happily, we have many ZENA alternator owners who are freely willing to share their experience with others. In fact, word-of-mouth advertising, by very satisfied customers (who are usually quite happy to demonstrate their welders), is our primary means of exposure to new customers!

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