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Do you have installation kits?

We make "bolt-in" bracket kits for many trucks made from the mid '80's to the present.

However. we do not make specific marine engine bracket kits, or bracket kits for vehicles not specifically made for service applications.

For these applications, many of our customers simply make their own installation brackets -- typically a fairly simple process. We also have a number of generic / "universal" bracket components and other accessories which may, depending on the type of installation which you are planning, make the process easier. In fact, depending on your specific installation plans, combining a few such generic bracketing components can often result in a custom "bolt-in" installation kit.

We also have dealers who can provide custom kits for some vehicle and/or freestanding engine installations. Call our sales department for more on this.

From time to time, we publish information that can assist you with specific installations and with the fabrication of installation hardware. For example --> click here to see a set of plans to make a bracket assembly for a small Kubota Tractor.

That's not all!

If you have an OEM application in mind, we can work with you to design and/or to produce a custom bolt-in installation kit specify to your application. Just call our sales department 615-897-2011.

In addition to our various generic bracketing components, we have developed a very simple do-it-yourself universal pulley/power take off design (an Add-A-Pulley) which can be used to obtain drive power for a second alternator from an existing alternator.
For example, if you are planning an installation into a vessel, truck, 4X4 or SUV (or, for that matter, any passenger vehicle with sufficient under hood room), AND if you have a serpentine belt drive systems for the underhood accessories (alternator, PS, AC, etc.) an Add-A-Pulley accessory will attach a drive pulley for your secondary alternator in front of the existing alternator pulley to provide an easy drive mechanism. An Add-A-Pulley can also be a VERY helpful aid in many tractor/heavy equipment applications.

Bracketing Accessory Kits for Specific Installations:

For most installations of our SR150 alternator, our most popular bracketing component is the weldable A300 bracketing accessory (used to provide an easy to attach pivot mount point for the power generator). The TBUCK or the A215 are bracketing components which are often used to set/adjust belt tension on SR150 generators. For our 200 amp power generators (and for some 150 amp installations) these tensioning components are replaced by a A215 or A220 curved and slotted steel (weldable) tensioning bracket.

Finally, for a vehicle installation, you may want to consider adding our most popular installation accessory -- the ASC1 automatic speed control kit, or our almost equally popular BJ150.4 quick disconnect/cable extension kit.


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