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What sort of warranty comes with ZENA® alternators and other DC generating products?

Our limited warranty for all of our DC generating system products is for a full three years / 36 months. It covers both electronic components and the power generating components.

No alternator has a longer warranty, and no other manufacturer provides a warranty like ours -- with no restrictions or limitations whatsoever on commercial use of the equipment.

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How can the ZENA warranty be so long?

I've checked, and other alternators come very short warranties. How do you do it?

The answer is simple, we design our DC generating system components to last -- even in the worst conditions. For example,

our proprietary technology allows us to:

we don't try to use a conventional automotive alternator (or to rebuild/remanufacture alternators) to utilize as a high current continuous DC power source;

we cut no corners in our manufacturing process;

we use the best materials available, without regard to cost;

we build our DC generating system components ourselves, by hand, in the USA, and by people who care about what they do and who also realize that our customers care about reliability.

Hard use in the field, for more than 20 years now, as well as severe product testing in our labs, has proven, absolutely, that our DC generating system components stand up to hard use.

So, with this in mind, we protect our customers with a welder warranty second to none.

We are also business people. And, as such, we would not not be fulfilling our obligations to our stockholders by providing such a long warranty if we felt that there was any chance that the products manufactured would not last even longer than the warranty period. It's just not good business.

CLICK HERE to read ZENA's Limited Warranty

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