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Why haven't I heard about ZENA® alternators?

This is one of the most frequent of our frequently asked questions.

The simple answer has four parts:

First, we are not a conventional alternator manufacturer. We make unique high-amp electrically isolated, externally regulated, alternators that are not typically bolt in replacements for existing low power automotive and/or marine units -- though they are far superior in performance and reliability and can be used as replacements with a minimum amount of bracketing modification.
These high power alternators derive from our core business -- building high quality, ultra compact, 100% duty DC welders which can be retrofitted to, and powered by, all types of existing engines.
And, since a key part of all of our products is an incredibly efficient DC power generating system with the form factor of a large automotive alternator we also have the ability to charge ALL types of marine batteries and/or to function as a powerful DC genset (often eliminating the need for an AC genset) whenever welding is not taking place.
Our units have features that are so useful in marine applications that we routinely sell generators that are employed in just these functions -- as replacements for existing alternators and as charging systems that are dedicated to supplying specific high amp loads.
In fact, marine charging/DC supply systems and custom DC charging / boosting / power supply systems has become a key business activity for us.

Second, even though we;ve been builoding high amp alternators for more than twenty years, we haven't been marketing to the marine comunity as long as other marine alternator manufacturers. And, since our alternators differ, very significantly, from most conventional alternators (enough so that we, most frequently, refer to them as power generators, or DC generators, rather than alternators) and are not built to replace any specific existing alternators or alternator types, we often don't come to the attention of prospective customers -- particularly those simply looking for bolt in replacements for stock low power alternators.

Third, when we chose to avoid venture capital financing and public stock offers to raise large sums of money for marketing, we kept total control over our company and our products -- but, we gave up access to a multi-million dollar advertising program that can take a new product from obscurity to national prominence overnight.
However, even without an unlimited advertising budget, word of mouth is fueling extraordinary sales growth -- for our welders as well as our ZENA alternators and DC power generating systems.

Fourth, and possibly most significant, replacing an alternator, or revamping a charging system, or building a genset system are things which often require a bit of technical support. And since retailers and national distributors worry about profits and profit margins -- NOT always about what might be best for their customers -- they are likely to favor suggesting simple bolt in solutions rather than high quality solutions that might require technical interaction with prospective customers (assuming, of course, that they even have staff that could assist with such technical subjects).
We have developed a lot of expertese in producing charging equipment that works flawlessly with all types of batteries -- as well in marine charging systems that also employ solar and wind power

Our modular power generators are a leap forward in engine driven DC generating technology.

They are not simply the result of tiny, evolutionary improvements to existing products, or technologies. Our products are the result of innovation and independent scientific development -- designing from "scratch" -- rejecting and questioning old methods and technologies, rather than assuming that existing methods must provide the only "correct" way to accomplish a given task. This technological leap also has a direct bearing on product cost and pricing.

Compared to conventional, comparable, engine driven DC generators, ZENA units can be manufactured at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality or reliability in any way.

It would be wonderful if we had the product awareness of a fast food chain. However, until we do, it IS possible to assure customers who are not able to see and try our alternators in advance, that our claims are completely truthful -- guaranteeing that they will be completely satisfied, in every way, with their purchase. We do this by offering a sixty day money back guarantee of satisfaction to all customers who buy alternators directly from us.

Try one of our alternators for yourself. You'll not be disappointed!

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